Forum Rules  

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The Pocket-Monkey forum is a place to chit-chat with your fellow players. Like anywhere, there are rules and etiquette to observe while chatting in the forum.

  • The House Rules apply, just as they do everywhere else on Pocket-Monkey.
  • Remember the old saying that there are three things you don't discuss in polite society: Politics, religion, and sex. The same goes here. Any topic that's likely to become a heated discussion is best pursued somewhere else. Pocket-Monkey is a friendly little place to play board games. We like to keep things light-hearted.
  • Please don't post to the same thread over and over without waiting for other people to pitch in. Just a single post, or two if you forgot something the first time, is sufficient.
  • Don't hijack threads. Hijacking is where you post to a thread with something completely off-topic. For instance, if someone posts a thread to Problems and Solutions asking about trouble he's having with the Java games, don't post to it requesting a unrelated new feature on the tournaments page. For one thing, it's rude to the person who started the thread, and for another your topic is likely to get missed as it's buried in someone else's thread.

If you see someone breaking the rules and you're bothered by it, or you see anything else you consider inappropriate for a friendly little place to play board games, please drop us a note. Do not start arguing with someone in the forums about their behavior / topic choice / etc.; we'll handle it.

The Pocket-Monkey administrators moderate the forums, but we keep a light touch. Fortunately, it's rare that we have to take any action.

Enjoy your games — and your chat!