Pocket-Monkey House Rules  

Everyone playing on Pocket-Monkey must obey the house rules. If you break the rules, we may regretfully have to ask you to leave. Fortunately, that doesn't happen often.

Be Polite

It's never okay to badmouth or harass people here. Think of Pocket-Monkey as a friendly local game club; you wouldn't expect to be allowed to keep coming to the club if you called people names and were generally offensive. Those same standards of behavior apply here on Pocket-Monkey.

Play Nice

Pocket-Monkey is a quiet little place to play board games. Enjoy playing your games, and demonstrate good sporting behavior at all times so that others may enjoy their games. For example:

  • If you've lost, gracefully acknowledge the loss and congratulate your opponent.
  • If you've won, win gracefully rather than crowing.
  • If a game is clearly a draw, offer the draw or accept it if it's offered.
  • Make your move when it's your turn; don't intentionally draw out the game to get your opponent to time out, repeatedly offer a draw at inappropriate times, etc.
  • Make your own decisions in games. Using your super-grandmaster friend, or a computer program, to analyze your current position in a game and decide your next move is cheating. (Talking with your friend about it or using an analysis program later to see where you may have gone wrong — or right — is totally fine.)
In general, do the things a reasonable person would do face-to-face, and don't do the things a reasonable person wouldn't do face-to-face; being online doesn't give you permission to be a jerk.

Keep It Clean

In all of the public areas of Pocket-Monkey, and in any private conversations with people you don't already know well, keep it clean. Pocket-Monkey is a quiet little place to play board games, a family-friendly place. Everyone is welcome, and private conversations are (essentially) private, but again, keep it clean.

Listen To The Staff

The Pocket-Monkey staff mostly leave you alone to enjoy your games in peace. If you hear from one of us, there's a good reason for it. Please respect that and reply promptly.

Have Fun!

Okay, this one's not a rule, but hey, the whole point is to meet people and have fun! Enjoy your games!