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The Current Games page is in many ways the main page of the site. It shows you your current games with links to playing them, and has links to pages for starting new games, etc. Your current games are shown organized into "Your Turn" and "Their Turn" lists, along with a third "Completed Games" list showing games that you've completed in the past week. (More on the lists below.) The top of the page shows the current time (according to our server) in the timezone you selected on your profile, a note saying whether you have new unread messages (if you do, it's a link to your Pocket-Monkey Inbox). Sometimes this is followed by headlines of announcements from Pocket-Monkey (with links to more detail).

'Your Turn' List

This lists the games where it's your turn to move, with these columns of information:

  • Game - The name of the game you're playing (for instance, "Backgammon"). This is a link; clicking it takes you into the game. (If it's a tournament game, the name of the tournament also appears here, with a link to the tournament shown as "...")
  • Against - The name of your opponent. This is a link; clicking it takes you to that player's profile.
  • Turn # - The number of the current turn in the game (e.g., starting with 1 and increasing each time either of you makes a move).
  • Last Turn On - The date/time when the last turn in the game was made.
  • Must Move By - The date/time by which you must move!
    (In tournament games, this shows the date/time by which you should move; if you have grace time left in the tournament, you can move a little bit after this date/time.)
The game link and the player link will be shown in boldface if your opponent is currently active (e.g., logged into the site and doing things).

The "Must Move By" column will be shown in boldface if the game will expire within the next five days if you don't make your move.

'Their Turn' List

As you may have guessed, this lists the games where it's your opponent's turn to move. This list has the same information as the list above, and again the game link and player link will be shown in boldface if the player is active on the site right now.

'Completed Games' List

This lists games you've completed within the last week; once games are more than seven days old, they drop off this list. This list has the same information as the other two lists, except that instead of the Must Move By column, there's a Winner column that shows the username of the player who won the game, or "n/a" if the game was cancelled (see this question from the frequently asked questions list for more on cancelled games).