Help: Player Directory  

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The Player Directory lists almost all of the players on Pocket-Monkey, alphabetically. When you first come to the directory, it shows you the players whose username starts with 'A', but you can choose other starting letters from the links shown. (Why "almost"? Players can choose not to be listed in the directory; it's a setting on the user profile.)

You can also look for someone whose username you only remember part of. To do that, fill in what you remember in the "Find players whose user name contains" field and click the Search button. This will show you all of the players who have what you typed in their usernames. For instance, if you remember that the player had "Jim" in their name but can't remember whether it their name was "BigJim", "Jimbo", "JimDandy", or something else, just type in "jim" and click Search.

On the list, each player's picture, username, full name, and "blurb" is shown. To see a player's profile, click their username.

(If you like, you can turn off the display of player pictures and/or player images in blurbs. To do that, go to Settings | Edit Profile and uncheck the checkboxes in the "Images" part of the miscellaneous section.)