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The Inbox page shows private messages sent to you by other players on Pocket-Monkey. The page shows the sender ("From"), message subject, and date/time for each message. Messages are shown in boldface if you haven't read them yet.

To the right of each message are links which let you do things with the messages. Normal messages have the "[Delete]" link, which deletes the message immediately. Game invitations or requests for time limit changes have "[Accept]" and "[Decline]" links, which take you into the message showing the Accept and Decline radio buttons, and select the appropriate radio button by default. (See this page for more about reading messages and accepting/declining game invitations and time limit change requests.)

You can also select several messages to delete at once by checking the checkboxes next to them, then clicking the Delete Selected Messages button. You can select all messages by clicking the "Select all messages" checkbox.