Help: Play Game  

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This page is where you play a game! The game is shown in the center of the page. To see help specific to the game you're playing, click the "[Rules/Instructions]" link at the top of the page. That's where you'll find the most useful information about the game itself. This help page gives general information about the Play Game page.

Above the game board, there are three links (four if it's a tournament game):

  • [Rules/Instructions]
    Click this link for game rules, how to play the game here at Pocket-Monkey, etc.
  • [Show Turn History]
    Clicking this link shows a list of the turns that have been taken in the game, with short descriptions of the turns.
  • [Next Game >>]
    Clicking this link takes you to the next game on your Current Games page where it's your turn, or takes you back to the Current Games page if there aren't any more.
  • (Tournament Link)
    If the game you're looking at is in a tournament, a link to the tournament is shown above the game board.

Underneath the game board, there is further information and some more links:

  • Game Number
    The number of the game is shown under the board. This number uniquely identifies this particular game, which is useful when you need to refer to a specific game.
  • Profile Links
    There are links to the profiles of each of the players in the game.
  • Contact us about this game
    If you need to contact Pocket-Monkey about a specific game, use this link. It will take you to the Contact Us page and fill in the game number for you automatically.
  • Click here if you can't see the game
    Use this link for information which may help if you can't see the game.
  • Click here to see turn history
    If the turn history isn't currently being shown, clicking this link will show it.