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RadarWar is similar to the old pen and paper game of battleships. Each player places their ships in a 10 x 10 grid that represents a part of the ocean. The players then alternate firing at the other player.



To sink all of your opponents ships before they sink yours.


  • Layout
    The game is played on a 10 x 10 board. When the game begins, your ships will be places randomly on the board.

    You then have the opportunity to customize the placement of your ships. Click on the ship you wish to move, then click on the new location for the ship, or press the Rotate button to rotate the ship 90 degrees. Ships cannot overlap one another, so you may need to move some ships to temporary locations, before achieving your desired layout.

    On the next turn play begins normally.

  • Tactical View
    The tactical view displays your ships, and the shots made by your opponent. When the turn begins, it is the tactical view that is shown. When viewing the radar view, you may switch back to the tactical view by pressing the Tactical button.

  • Radar View
    The radar view displays the shots (and their result, hit or miss) you have made at your opponent. Click on the square at which you wish to fire. Crosshairs will appear to mark the location. After sending the turn, the result will be displayed. When viewing the tactical view, you may switch to the radar view by pressing the Radar button.