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Strategy is similar in concept to the board game Stratego. Two turn of the century armies meet on the field of battle. The first to capture the other player's flag wins.



To capture the other players flag.


  • Layout
    The game is played on a 10 x 10 board. When the game begins, your pieces will be places randomly on the board.

    You then have the opportunity to customize the placement of your pieces. This is done by swapping pieces on the board. First click on one of your pieces, then click on a piece with which to swap. The pieces will then have swapped positions. It may take several swaps to arrive at your desired layout.

    On the next turn play begins normally.

  • Movement
    The following pieces cannot move:
    • (Bomb)
    • (Flag)

    The Scout () may move any number of squares horizontally or vertically. All other pieces may move one square horizontally or vertically.

    No pieces can move though the eight water squares on the boad.

  • Capture
    Higher ranking pieces pieces capture lower ranking pieces. If the pieces are of equal rank, then they are both captured. The higher ranking piece will be revealed to the other player, for one turn. The pieces from highest ranking to lowest are:

    • (Bomb)
    • (Sapper)
    • (Scout)
    • (Spy)
    • (Flag)

    There are certain exceptions to the normal capture rules.

    • If the Spy () is the attacking piece, then it outranks any piece except for a Bomb ()
    • If a Sapper () attacks a Bomb (), then the Bomb is captured.

  • Winning the Game
    The game ends when:

    • Either flag is captured; the winner is the player capturing the flag.
    • A player has no moveable pieces left on the board; the winner is the player who still has moveable pieces.
    • Neither player has moveable pieces; the game is a draw.
    • The players agree that the game is a draw.

    In the event that the site doesn't recognise one of the above situations and end the game automatically, the players are responsible for ending the game themselves (by the losing player resigning, or in case of a draw by offering and accepting a draw).
    (Please contact us with the game number if the site doesn't recognise one of these situations and you have to end the game manually.)