Help: Color Themes  

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The Color Themes page lets you choose among lots of different color themes for the pages here at Pocket-Monkey! You get to the Color Themes page by choosing Settings | Color Themes from the menu.

Color Themes change the look of Pocket-Monkey so you can choose colors which best suit your personal preferences and computer equipment. Some themes look better on certain monitors than others. Each theme has a default board style that goes with it, but if you prefer to use a specific board style, just go to the Board Styles page (Settings | Board Styles) and choose a specific style from the list.

To choose a color theme, just click the picture of the one you want to try and it will be applied immediately. You can also quickly flip through the available themes using the "Previous Theme" and "Next Theme" links just above the list. You can tell which theme you currently have selected in two ways: It's listed at the top of the page ("Your current theme is _____") and there's a heavy border around its picture in the list.

Some themes are available in large, extra-large, and WebTV variations; you'll see links for those variations in the box next to the picture of the theme. When flipping through the list with "Previous Theme" and "Next Theme", the site will cycle through the themes that are available in your current preferred variation. So for instance, if you're looking at the "large font" variation of a theme, clicking the "Next Theme" link takes you to the next theme in the list that's available in the large font variation, skipping any that don't have that variation (yet).

(Note: Since the color theme list is getting quite long, we're working on a more convenient way to present the list.)