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The Tournament Detail page shows the details of a specific tournament. You get to this page by going to the Tournaments page via Games | Tournaments and then clicking the link to a specific tournament.

For more help on tournaments, see the Tournament FAQ page.

Here are the fields you'll see for a tournament:

Time Limit
The time limit for the tournament, including the main limit and hard limit, and grace time.

Maximum Section Size
For sections-style tournaments, this shows the maximum size of a tournament section. Because each layer in a section plays at least one game with each other player in that section (two if it's a "play each side" tournament -- see below), this indicates how many games per round each tournament player will have in this tournament.

Play Each Side
In certain games, such as Chess, it matters to the play of the game which player moves first. Tournaments for these kinds of games may be set up as "play each side" tournaments, which means that each combination of players -- say, Mohammed and Christine -- plays two games instead of just one, one where one of them (say, Mohammed) goes first, and one where the other one (say, Christine) goes first.

For a pending tournament (one that hasn't started yet), this shows how many players the tournament needs at a minimum and how many maximum it can have. It also shows how many players it has so far and who they are.

For an active or completed tournament, this shows the players who are/were in the tournament and what round they've reached (so far).

Active and Completed tournaments also show the details of the rounds of the tournament (so far). Each round is listed separately. In sections-style tournaments, within each round the sections are shown listing which players are in the section. You can see the individual games in the section by clicking the "[Show Games for Section]" link. That shows a grid with the player names in columns across and rows down the left: The intersection of a column and row shows the result of the game between those two players in this round. The final column of each row shows the standing for that row's player.