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Keryo-Pente is a variation of Pente with some rules modifications. Please read the rules/instructions page for Pente if you haven't already done so, before reading these rules/instructions.

Keryo-Pente is just Pente except that in addition to being able to capture pairs of stones, you can also capture triplets of stones (in the same way, by placing a piece of yours on either side of the triplet). This blocks a common defense used in Pente for threatened pairs, which is to simply make triplets of them.

Because this makes it possible to capture stones fairly quickly, a capturing win (rather than a placement win) requires capturing 15 of your opponent's stones, rather than just 10 as in Pente.

Other than the above, Keryo-Pente is played exactly like Pente.

(This rules/instructions page covers Keryo Pente. Here at Pocket-Monkey, we also have straight Pente, Pro Pente, and Pro Keryo-Pente.)