Help: Send a Game Invite  

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You can use the Send a Game Invite dialog box to invite a player to a game. You get to it by choosing Games | Send a Game Invite (or Messages | Send a Game Invite) from the menu (those both do the same thing), or by using the drop-down list at the top of each player's profile to invite them to a game (in which case, their name will be filled in automatically in the "To" field).

The dialog box looks something like this (the colors will vary based on your color theme); underneath the image we'll walk through the steps:
Picture of Game Invite dialog box
Here's how to send someone a game invite:

  1. The To field: Choose the person you want to invite to a game. You can either type their name in the box, or choose a player from your Buddy List. If you don't know a player's exact username and they're not on your Buddy List yet, you can use the link underneath the "To" field to go to the Player Directory and find the player you want to invite; from their profile page, there's a link that comes back here so you can invite them to a game (it's described in the Player Profile Help).
  2. The Game field: Choose the game you want to invite the player to from the drop-down list.
  3. The Time Limit field: Choose the time limit you want to apply to this game.
  4. The Rated field: Normally, games are rated (i.e., they are counted in the statistics of how many games you've played/won/lost); if you want to invite the player to an unrated game, uncheck this box.
  5. The Message field: If you want to include a message along with the game invitation, type it here.
  6. The Send Invite button: When you're ready to send your invitation, click this button!
  7. The Use MonkeyTags field: If you don't want to use MonkeyTags in your message, you can uncheck this box. (For more on MonkeyTags, see the MonkeyTags Help).