Help: Player Profile  

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This page shows you information about a specific player. It has four major sections:


At the top of the player profile, there are three actions you can take related to the player:

  • You can invite the player to a game quickly and easily by choosing the game you want to play from the drop-down list at the top of their player profile and clicking the Invite button. This takes you to the "Send Invite" page (discussed here).
  • You can send the player a private message by clicking the Send a message link. This takes you to the "Send Message" page (discussed here).
  • You can ignore this player by clicking the Ignore <playername> link. Ignoring a player is a big thing to do and should not be taken lightly. Clicking the link will take you to the "Ignore Player" page, which has its help built into it.
    If you're already ignoring the player, the link is there to unignore them.

Player Information

This section shows the information about the player that they've put on their profile. It has their player icon (if they have one), their username, full name, blurb, and time zone. It shows when they joined Pocket-Monkey, and the last time they were seen on Pocket-Monkey. Finally, it has their "About me" section.

(Because players can include pictures in their blurbs and "About me" sections via MonkeyTags, you can turn off the display of those pictures if you like. You can also turn off display of player icons. To do that, go to Settings | Edit Profile and uncheck the checkboxes in the "Images" part of the miscellaneous section.)


This section shows information about the kinds of games this player plays, how many games they've played, their win/loss record, and their Elo rating in each game.


This section shows information about the tournaments this player has played in, if any, and how far they got in tthe tourney.