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The Edit Profile page lets you edit your public profile, and also change your private information (such as your email address, password, etc.).

Changing the information in your profile is a three-step process:

  1. Fill in your current password in the Current Password field, just to prove it's really you making the change.
  2. Make the changes you want to make to any of the fields (see below for a discussion of the various fields).
  3. Click the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page. If you don't click the Update Profile button, your profile won't be updated!

There are three sections of the settings page: Your Account, Your Player Profile, and Miscellaneous:

Your Account

User Name
This is the user name (nickname, user ID) that people know you by on the site. You choose this when you sign up. It cannot be changed after signup. (That's a feature we may add at some point, but we don't have it right now.)

Current Password
As noted above, whenever you change your profile, you must type in your current password just as a double-check that it's really you making the change. Your password is confidential; we never give your password out to anyone else or show it publicly on the site.
(Side note: Pocket-Monkey staff will never ask you for your password. If anyone claiming to be Pocket-Monkey staff does, please let us know.)

New Password and Confirm New Password
If you want to change your password, after typing your current password in the Current Password box above, type the new one in the New Password field and then type it again in the Confirm New Password box.

Your Name
This is where you can supply your full name if you like. This field is shown publicly on the site, so if you're nervous about having your full name on the site, just fill in your first name.

Email and Email (again)
This is your email address. Your email address is confidential; we never show this publicly on the site, and we never share it with third parties. (Please see our Privacy Policy for details.) It's a condition of membership on Pocket-Monkey that you must give us a valid email address for an account where you really check your mail on a regular basis, but don't worry, we don't spam people (see the User Agreement for details).
If your email address changes, please be sure to update it on Pocket-Monkey by updating this field. If you do change it, type the new email address in both the Email and the Email (again) field to make sure you typed it correctly.

Browser Type
This field lets us customise the pages of the site to best work with your web browser, so it's important that it be set correctly. The choices are:

  • Java-Enabled Web Browser - A web browser which has Java. This is the best way to play games at Pocket-Monkey.
  • Web Browser (without Java) - A web browser, but without Java. If you have a computer and a web browser, but you don't have Java, you can get it for free at, the official Java site. If you do that, you can use the "Java-Enabled Web Browser" setting above. But if for whatever reason you can't use Java or don't want to, use this setting to use the DHTML (dynamic HTML) version of our games.
  • WebTV/MSN-TV (not Java-enabled) - If you have WebTV, choose this setting. We'll adjust the pages of the site so they work better on WebTV.

Time Zone
Please set this field to the time zone you live in. Pocket-Monkey is a global site with players in Europe, the UK, North America, Russia, Australia, South America, and so on. It's good to know roughly where people are when you're playing with them.

Your Player Profile

In this field, you can type a short blurb about yourself. This is shown in lists of players like the Player Directory and Active Players list. You can use MonkeyTags here if you like.

Player Icon
If you have a picture of yourself you'd like to show on the site, you can do that here. Just make sure the picture is on the web somewhere (there are various sites that let you upload images), and give the URL of the picture in this field. Player icons are completely optional.
Important Note: Keep your player icon small and tasteful. Large graphics (for instance, more than 200x200 pixels), flashing graphics, and inappropriate images will be removed.

Date/Time Display
Here, you can tell Pocket-Monkey how you would like dates and times displayed, since this varies from region to region. Just choose the style you prefer from the drop-down lists.

About You
Here, you can tell people about yourself. This is shown on your profile page, which players can get to by clicking your username just about anywhere on the site. You can use MonkeyTags here if you like.


These two settings let you control whether you see pictures that other players have posted to Pocket-Monkey. There are two settings, one controls whether you see player icons (see the Player Icon field above), and the other controls whether you see images they use in MonkeyTags. If you have a slow internet connection, or you just don't want to see images, just uncheck the boxes to block images. When images are blocked, you see a placeholder for them which you can click to show that specific image.

Default Time Limit
This controls the default value of the Time Limit field on game invitations you send. It's just a convenience feature, and you can always change the limit on a specific invitation -- this just controls the initial value shown in the box on the Send Game Invitation page. (For more about sending game invitations, click here.)

"Next Game" Link
This controls what the "Next Game >>" link does when you're going through your games. There are three choices:

  • Go through all games (oldest first) - Mixes tournament and non-tournament games together, going strictly in order of the "Must Move By" value of the game, so you play your most urgent games first, and then your less urgent games. (For more about the "Must Move By" value on games, see the Current Games help.)
  • First go through Tourney games (oldest first), then do Non-Tourney games - Exactly what it sounds like, the "Next Game >>" link will loop through your tournament games first, then your non-tournament ones.
  • First go through Non-Tourney games (oldest first), then do Tourney games - Exactly what it sounds like, the "Next Game >>" link will loop through your non-tournament games first, then your tournament ones.

How did you hear about Pocket-Monkey?
We're always interested to know how people find us. Please tell us how you found out about Pocket-Monkey. In particular, if a Pocket-Monkey player recommended the site to you, please give us their Pocket-Monkey username so we can thank them.

Yes, email me when it's my turn
When this box is checked, Pocket-Monkey will email you when it's your turn in a game. (This can be a lot of email; we're working on other options.)

Yes, include me in the Player Directory (and other player lists)
When this box is checked, Pocket-Monkey will list you on the Active Players list (when you're active), in Player Directory, etc. You can uncheck this box to be a bit less visible, although it makes it hard for people to invite you to games if they can't see you!

Yes, please send me the Pocket-Monkey newsletter and other mailings
If you'd like Pocket-Monkey to send you periodic email messages with updates about the goings-on at the site, leave this box checked; if you want to opt out of those mailings, uncheck the box. Please note that we never send third-party advertisements and we don't give anyone your email address unless required to by a legal order. This checkbox just means that we can drop you an occasional note about updates to the site, etc. (One or two a year, at most.)